Saturday, February 13, 2010

Go Nuts?

I was changing Joel's diaper, and when I went to put his pants back on I couldn't find them. I thought I was going nuts.....was he wearing pants when I went to change him? What did they look like again? Sophie saw that I was somewhat confused and started to giggle. Yep! That is my very soon to be 7 year old Sophie wearing Joel's 18month old pants. She was always below the 5th percentile.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Fun Day

After soooo many days of rainy and dark cloudy weather.....we finally had one day of beautiful weather. On that Saturday if you drove by our house, you would find Sophie and I playing in the driveway with her jump rope and hula hoop. We had so much fun, I ran in the house to tell the boys to get their shoes on, and that we were headed to the park.

We went to Feather Riverbend Park.

I just love this pic of Joel. He was so proud he got up on the fence. He kept doing it over and over again.

Every time I see this picture I laugh. Dustin can always make you laugh.

Dustin showing the kids how to skip rocks. Poor Sophie would just grab a handful of rocks and toss them all out into the river at once.

It was nice to get a little bit of "spring fever" even if it was just for one day.I was so glad we were able to have the day of nice weather to get out of the house with the kids. Now we are back to dark cloudy rainy days.