Saturday, October 31, 2009

Splish Splash I Was Takin' A Bath.....

Joel LOVES his bath. As soon as the kids head out to school, I ask, " you want to get in the bath tub?" He RUNS to the bathroom, pushes the door open, takes his pj's off, and puts his arms up at me to put him in.

Love em'......Love em'.......LOVE EM'!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween

At our ward Trunk Or Treat Sophie went as "Grapes". She looked really cute. When I was a little girl I was the same thing, it's super easy, and CHEEP!!! Sophie didn't enjoy the balloons to much, so for Halloween night, she went as a clown instead. Joseph went as "Black Hawk". He had a report in school this week, where he had to choose a person from history, dress up as that person, and talk in class AS that person. He did such a good job. A big thanks to Antonio for the costume.

And my little bumble bee. Should have gotten a little pic of his behind.....theres a little stinger on his cute!!

I Gave In.....Finally

I held on as long as I could. Even with all comments about him being old enough, I did my best! We went 14 months, 3 days, and then I finally did give in..... Joel had his first piece of candy! It was one of those little Dum Dums. You tell he LOVED it. LOVED it soooo much, hes on his tippy toes!!!! He ran around the house talking and waving the candy wanting everyone to look at what he had. When Grandma called to ask what kind of candy Joel might like on Halloween, I told her that he would be more than happy with an apple!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Fun Day

In between conference sessions today we went to the fish hatchery. The kids had a really good time. We had gone last week, but this time there were much bigger salmon.
I thought Joel would be a bit scared, but he actually really liked the fish.
I got lucky and snapped that picture at just the right time. I hope we didn't blind that salmon with all our picture taking.

Mommy and the kids.

Daddy and kids

No Boys Allowed Picture

No Girls allowed picture

No Kids Allowed!