Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Our good friends Jodey and Dez invited us up to their home for dinner and to make these really fun gingerbread houses. We had a blast! There is nothing better than food, friends, and some fun. Thanks Jodey and Dez!! This one is Sophies......(ok, ok, Christina kind of sort of helped out)

And this one was Joseph's. Dustin helped out on this one.

oH BoY!!

It seems if I leave the kitchen for a second....something like this happens. Over 800 soda tabs......everywhere!!!

But it looks like he had fun!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

News To Come Soon

Haven't posted for a while now.....lots of good and bad. Have had 3 deaths on our ward at church, one in my family, and one in Dustin's it has been rough since its happened during the holidays. Today I thought I would make it a day without letting the tears flow, but the announcement was made at Church, that a friend of mine had passed away.
It has been a hard month, but oh, how our family has been sooooo blessed! So many, many blessings. Its so amazing to actually see the Lords hand in your life. He has touched us and watched over us during this time in our life. The Lord has made it know to others and has prompted them to do acts of service and charity. The Ford Family is so beyond grateful for all of our loved ones and friends, and family. We are so grateful to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
New Posts To Come Soon!!! (with pics.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Today was my moms birthday. We had a surprise party for her at Scott and Raquel's. This is right when she walked in.

The little kids LOVED to YELL SURPRISE!!!!

Joel ran up to Grandma Cliz and gave her a big hug.
My mom is amazing!! She is so busy with work, seminary, and her home, yet she still has time every Tuesday to take all of her grandchildren to the movies. She is so much fun, you would never guess she just turned......hahahahah....Don't worry mom, I would never blab your age. Thank you mom for all you do. Time to start up you blog with the new camera David got you!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Last week I decided to see if Joel would watch a little tv so I could get stuff around the house. I got him ready and gave him a sippy. Decided laundry would be done. Walking back up the starts from the garage where our laundry is I had a horrible feeling. Yep! Out of habit, I had locked the door. I ran to the front window to check on him. There he was just watching tv. I ran to the back door, no luck, locked too. Now let me point out, I am in my bare feet in my pjs. And its been in the low 20 lately. So I am watching the clock and telling myself that if Dustin doesn't happen to come home within 5 minutes, I will go to the neighbors to use their phone. My luck Dustin pulled into our driveway a few seconds later. He got of his truck and say me sitting on the patio chair with a big smile on my face. I said," Isn't this beautiful weather we are having?" He looked at me funny because I was in my pjs and it was FREEZING! He went to go into the house and realized it was locked. "No way, did you lock yourself out?" I just gave him another smile. At least Joel had no idea I was locked out. If he would of seen me, we would have gotten mad that I was outside and he wasn't'. It was so nice to get in that house and sit right by that fire! Joel enjoying his sippy. He even crawled up to the table and got sophies cereal she didn't finish for breakfast. Good thing she doesn't like milk in her cereal.....that would have been a bit messy.

Cutie pie has no idea.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


This year for Thanksgiving we finally decided to eat with one family. In the past we have tried to hit all three of our families houses, and it is just not fun running here and there on Thanksgiving. So this year we ate with my moms. Next year we will eat with Dustin's moms, and then my dads the following year. We stopped by Angie and Vals to have our dessert, and see some family. Joely with Aunt "Rocky".

These two, I could take pictures all day of them!

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Joseph had scouts. I made, does anyone want to guess what they resemble? I had them ready to go, and Dustin asks,"what are those?"

Jesus, Rachel, and the girls came down from Idaho and surprised everyone for Thanksgiving. We had alot of fun, but I could bet the kids had an even better time. They never stopped playing, they kept going and going!!

Here they are being silly at Grandma Cliz and Grandpa Davids house. We had a bon fire that night, had left overs, and had a nice time.