Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Ways Back

Back in May Liz and Kevin invited us to go to a Giants and A's game with them over in Oakland. We had such a good time, but it was alittle on the chilly side for me, good thing I brought my coat. The next morning we hit the Oakland temple to do some work. Both the Robertsons' and us we married there, but hadn't been back for a long time since now we have the Sacramento temple so close. It was such a beautiful day.

As you can tell, it was quite windy.

Angelee's 80's party

We had such a fun time at Angelee's birthday party. It was a surprise party and we all had to dress in 80's attire. I went WAY out of control on my hair. My friends have never seen my hair without product in it. I washed it and let it do its thing.....its 80's thing. I was embarrassed, but hey for Angelee, I did it. Dustin is such a goof ball, and I love him to death for it!! Angelee and I had no idea what the other was wearing, but somehow we were thinking along the same lines. In fact we are wearing the same shirt from Forever 21.


Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Joel

Today my little man is 2. Can't believe how the time has passed by. Things have been crazy in our home lately. We had a birthday party planned for tonight, but canceled it, so when we can get around to doing a party, we will post then, but....I just had to put up the his first photo ever taken...two years ago today.
Love You Joely!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My New Adventure

Meet Patty, on the left, and Maggie. It may not really look like it, but they are twins. As you can see Maggie is much bigger. A few months ago my friend Rebecca, a school teacher, called me up and told me that she would be heading back to work when school started and if I would be interested in watching her girls for her. Of course I would! What a blessing for us!!! Lets see how Joel does with this addition. Rebecca is only going back part time, so I only have them in the mornings.
I just wish I had a third row....but I still love my little Honda.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of School

I can't believe summer is over!
Time to go back to school.
Get to bed early and wake up on time.
Joseph is in 4th....(that blows me away),
and Sophie is in 2nd.
Joel is going to miss them through out the too!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zoo and Funderland

I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by. The kids start school in only three days!! So this being the last weekend of summer vacation, we didnt know what to do. We haven't done anything as a family, ( However, my kids have the best tans hands down!! Thats because we went swimming at Grandma Cliz's house almost every day!) due to work being so slow, Dustin and I were not sure what to do with this last weekend of summer vacation with the kids. Well we were very blessed, and he was called to do three construction jobs. Yeah for us!! So at the last minute we went to the Sacramento Zoo and to the little park Funderland. The kids had a fun time at the Zoo. Kind of bummed that all of the BIG animals, Lion, Tiger, Monkeys were all "hiding" and we couldn't get a good look at them. So no pics of animals. I think the San Diego Zoo would be fun to go to....maybe when we have LOTS of jobs lined up. Anyway here are some pics from our little get away. I think Sophie looks SO stinkin' cute in this pic.
Joel and Mom. He was actually really scared of all of the animals. Every time we got close to even the birds, he held on to me or Dustin for dear life. So here we are with a far view of the animals.

Sophie at Funderland

Joely driving a car with Dad

Someday this will really be them driving...scary!!

Darn, how did this picture flip?!?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

On His Own

Joel is finally swimming on his own! We have been having the hardest time with finding a life jacket that will keep him afloat....some make him fall face first into the water, some make him fall to his back. Joel is not scared of the water at all, and there have been three very scary incidents where Joel has jumped into the pool on his own and has gone straight to the bottom!! My friend Prenny goes over to my moms to swim all the time, and I noticed she had a life jacket I had never seen before. It has the arm floats, and then it has a float that goes around the chest, and snaps in the back. I asked if I could try it on worked. He LOVES the water, and now we can enjoy having the peace of mind that he will be ok by the water. He gets in and just laughs and laughs.

Joseph loves to jump of the rock at the Carter's.