Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 Months Old

Joel at 8 Months
Joel at 8 months and one day.
(funny how a day after Joel turns 8 months, he starts to look like me)

I can't believe another month has gone by. I love this second picture of Joel. This was all Dustin's doing. When I am down and sad, he knows just how to pull me out of it. I was on the couch, and I heard Joel wake up. I heard Dustin's office door open, so that told me he was going to get Joel. I hear footsepts coming down the hall and this is what I see. Thanks for the laugh Dust.
Joel at 8 months is crawling and teething...again. I think we had maybe two hours of sleep lastnight. Four on top, and two on bottom.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

See Ya, We're Movin'

Joel is on the move! He has started crawling, and is EVERYWHERE!
His favorite thing to do is to try to get to the fire place. It's a good thing it's spring time, and not being used. I worry about this winter though when we use it everyday. So I am always saying," HOT JOEL, HOT." At first Joseph and Sophie thought that I had totally lost it, and went up to the fireplace to check it. I had to explain that when winter comes Joel isn't going to know that now the fireplace is hot, and he can't get near it.
Things sure change around the house when a baby starts crawling. I have to baby proof every room. He follows me around the house, and always finds something he can't have.
If I leave the room for just a second, and come back he's gone. When I'm getting ready, Joel finds himself in his crib playing with the toys. I guess no more 10 minute showers for me.

We Had A Concerte Pour

Up and out of the house by 6:45 am, this was Dustin's picture before the pour.The new slab.

Joel had a fun time with his Uncle Derek. Way to rock the hat Derek!

Dustin on sliders finishing, aka "turn and burn".

All in a days work.
The Noon Day Rotary is building the snack bar for the new soccer fields down at Feather Riverbend Park. In the Rotary Club, there is one of any type of profession. Dustin's classification is General Contractor, so he has had alot of hands on with this project. The snack bar is going to be a wonderful addition to the park, along with the new soccer fields that will be up and ready to play on in 2110.
You have done such an amazing job Dustin. I am proud of you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Joseph 7 3/4 , Joel 7 mos., and Sophie 6.
Joseph LOVED that I was able to find him and Joel matching shirts for Easter. (Children's Place on line.....clearance section, $4.00 each.)

Sophie found spots a yellow Easter egg in a tree. Daddy helped her retrieve it.

Joseph found an egg hiding in the corner.

The Ford Family had a wonderful Easter Sunday. The weather couldn't have been better, BUT even better, the Easter Bunny remembered that I love TWIX!
Dustin's parents had everyone over for an Easter dinner and egg hunt. Angie is the best cook! I STILL have "my work cut out for me" when it comes to her Sunday roast and rolls. It was so much fun to visit with family and friends.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Joel's First Haircut

This is Joel's before picture. (This photo that was taken two days ago. His actual before picture came out really blurry.
Here we are after our first haircut.
His first haircut, and my first time giving one!
In the past we have waited for their first birthday to cut their hair, but Joel kept all of his baby hair, and it was always in his eyes. I wasn't planning on cutting it, I was just trimming Sophie's' bangs, and thought...why not???

Another after shot a little later in the day.
Speaking of shots....Joel had his "well-baby" check up today along with three shots. He did well, and as you can see, seems to be quite happy. He weighs 19lbs. 5oz. and is 25 and 3/4 in.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Will We Have Enough Plastic?

Joseph, Sophie, and Joel ready to roll out the plastic.
(anyone notice how small my car looks in comparison to the garden?....hmmmm, below I will tell you how large the garden actually is)
Arturo, Sophie, Christina, Joseph.
(Diego and Nadia smothering Joel in the stroller)

Ok, let me try to explain these two last photos. Here you can see my shadow as I am taking this photo. You can also see my dad in the white T-shirt and jeans, (AKA Mr. Grumpy). I wanted to take before & after pictures of the garden process.

Ok, "Mr. Grumpy" is obviously done with all of the picture taking. I was just told,"Crissy, would you PLEASE put that camera down and come help us with this plastic!!" Ok Dad. I handed the camera off to Ray Nelson (you can see his shadow taking the picture), so I could go help with the plastic. If you look right above my head, you can see Mr. Grumpy still giving me a hard time for taking pictures.
I am really excited for this garden, and think it SHOULD be a FUN time. A LEARNING time for the kids epically. My dad is VERY serious about it.... a little to serious. To give you an example.....the garden is 17,000 sq. feet. YES, I said seventeen THOUSAND sq. feet. Needless to say, we have invited many other families to take part in the garden. When we have a "garden meeting" I joke around as usual. Everyone laughs, but dad, oh no! He just acts like he didn't hear the joke and just keeps talking about what the next step will be in our garden adventure. (Ha ha...If he knew I called it the
"garden adventure", I would probably get "the look" that means, "that's enough Crissy". Then I'd say, Love Ya Dad. Wish us luck....I think we are gona need it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eleven Years Ago Today!!

Oakland Temple. April 2, 1998.
The newlyweds

Here we are today...ok fine, it was last year.

I can't believe it has been 11 years. A lot has happened. First, most important, we have been blessed with three beautiful children.... Joseph, Sophia, and Joel. Dustin has his own construction company. And we have found out that Chistina is really Puerto Rican....no wonder there isn't a single person in her family who can understand her Spanish. (except Dustin)

What hasn't changed in the last 11 years...

  • Still doin' the "Cabbage-Patch" /" Running-Man" on Friday night.
  • Still gettin' kicked of the Dam by the security guard at 12:11....AM
  • Waiting for Digital Underground and MC Hammer to go on tour.
  • Brain Adams said it best," Still feels like our best times are together."...ok you get the point, but man, I'm about to "Macarena" up in this joint.

Really though, it has been an amazing 11 years, and we are still best friends, and so much in love. Happy Anniversary Honey.