Monday, April 6, 2009

Joel's First Haircut

This is Joel's before picture. (This photo that was taken two days ago. His actual before picture came out really blurry.
Here we are after our first haircut.
His first haircut, and my first time giving one!
In the past we have waited for their first birthday to cut their hair, but Joel kept all of his baby hair, and it was always in his eyes. I wasn't planning on cutting it, I was just trimming Sophie's' bangs, and thought...why not???

Another after shot a little later in the day.
Speaking of shots....Joel had his "well-baby" check up today along with three shots. He did well, and as you can see, seems to be quite happy. He weighs 19lbs. 5oz. and is 25 and 3/4 in.


McOmberFam said...

I have the cutest baby nephew ever! It was nice seeing you guys yesterday, even though the circumstances were strange. Love and miss you guys! See you sunday!

The Finlays said...

He looks so big with his new hair cut!

sexy_rexy said...

He looks so cute!!!

The Pejsa Family said...

His haircut is SO cute. He looks like a little man :)

Larissa said...

Hey! We just did Luke's first haircut too! Great minds think alike, eh?

Only Joel has waaaay more hair than Luke :)