Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 Christmas Tree Cutting

Every year we head up to Buck's Lake to find the perfect Christmas Tree for our family. Due to the snow, and my gosh there was tons of snow, we were about 1000 feet short of Bucks, and the Christmas Trees. We went as far as we could, and ended up on the side of the road with about twenty other trucks. So we just got out and let the kids play in the snow. There was a family up there that had built a fire, and Derek brought his camp stove and made up some soup and hot coco. The kids and came getting ready to build a snowman.

Joel being pulled in the sled The ladies

Like I said there was tons of snow, and it began snowing even harder the longer we stayed up there. Now the snow suit Joel is wearing used to be Dustins. Yes, it is 36 years old. Bright orange, and it kept Joel warm and dry.

My three boys

Derek warming up the soup.

A view of the road at its worst

road not so bad

bottom of the hill.
Well since the roads were so bad, Dustin and a bunch of the group hiked up 300 yards to find a tree. They were all gone for two hours while the kids and I waited in the truck. I got kind of worried them being gone so long, but as the sun began to set I saw them heading down the hill pulling the trees behind them. All I can say is what an adventure!! Hopefully next year the roads wont be as bad.