Saturday, January 31, 2009

All grown up...ok, not up, but older!

Here is the old Gomez gang before we all grew OLDER, not much taller!! I think my mom should have made my dad wear the same outfit the boys did. Who's the little one in the blue dress? She is so cute!!

Here we are older, but pretty much the same size. This picture is about two years old, but was the only one I could find that had all of us kids in it. With Jesus living in Idaho, its hard to get a photo together. Left to right is Arturo Gomez, Jesus Gomez, Ricky Gomez, Christina Marinita Ford, and Anastacia Allen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I do believe we have enough fire wood to get us through 2009 and beyond. We have over two cords in the garage, but I can't complain since we use a wood stove to warm our house. So, for $150.00 our house stays warm all winter long, and the pg&e bill stays low. Hmmmmm, how many Mexicans does it take to stack a cord of wood??? None!! We are all to stinkin' short to pile it that high.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Poor Baby Joel!

Look familiar Larissa? This is so sad, but he is still a cutie. Joel has been sick for over three weeks now, and it's only getting worse. The doctor put him on the nebulizer every 2 hours, then checked for RSV, but it came up negative. We went to the recheck today, but still no change, so they gave him a steroid shot, and if that doesn't change anything, they will do x-rays to make sure it's not pneumonia. Joel has been having to sleep in his car seat for three weeks now just to be able to breath more easy.

When Sophia wakes up in the morning, she finds Joel asleep in the car seat. She asks," Where did you go?" I don't know why, but she asks the same question EVERY MORNING!
I couldn't put just post a bunch of sad pictures. He loves to play with his toys on the swing.

Dustin loves this picture of him. Just waking up from a nap. Is it just me, or do you see red hair too????

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday Dustin!!

I just love his smile!

Daddy getting a Birthday hug and kiss after reading a card from Joseph.

Sophie picked out a very cute card, and got a bit shy.....silly girl

Sophie was so excited when Daddy saw a bag of his favorite candy.