Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Is Here.....Finally!

Summer is finally here....no more cold June weather! This is the kids on the first day of summer vacation. School has now been out for for a few weeks, and we have gone from our front yard sprinkler, to swimming at Grandma's house EVERYDAY....and I mean EVERYDAY!!(except Sundays). I like to say the kids are changing back into their dark Mexican self's...haha.

Joseph Duran

Joseph had a wonderful school year. It is so much fun to have a child who LOVES school. I myself couldn't wait for summer, but his little boy misses school so much! Right before school let out, Joseph's teacher called me and told me he would be getting some awards. So here he is with his 4th grade teacher. Three awards including a Golden Eagle Principals Award that came with a patch he can iron on to his backpack. Way to go Joseph!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Ask....

I couldn't not post these....

This is a taste of " how we roll" in our home.....


What kind of Mother Am I??

What kind of a Mother doesn't blog her son's birthday until a month later.....me I guess. Yep Joseph Duran turned 10 this year. He is such a good and well mannered boy. We are so blessed to have him as part of our eternal family. He always had the warmest smile to share, and plays wonderfully with his little siblings. We love you Joseph, and happy be-LATED birthday!! Joseph ready to dig into those gifts....like any other 10 year old.
Super excited to find new shorts.

Joseph LOVES an Internet site called Club Penguin. So for his birthday I made cupcakes with "Puffles" on them. A puffle is a type of pet that the penguins have. In person they came out amazingly pufflish!! He LOVED them....and the gift card for another three months of membership on CP Aunt Brittney and Uncle Jason got him for his birthday!!! Don't' worry Brittney, I am sure Joseph wont let you forget about that!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Place at Silver Dollar Fair!

Joseph's art won first place at the Silver Dollar Fair a few weeks ago. ( haven't had to much time to download pics from the camera). Anyways, we were so proud of him. His art picture is much brighter in person....my camera doesn't do it justice. This ones going in a frame!! Way to go Joseph.