Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Sophie!!!!!!

Sophie's first day of church....her blessing day. Sophie is wearing the dress, and using the blanket I was blessed in. Hopefully her daughters can use them too.

Sophie was soooo small. She is a year old in this photo, ans STILL fits in her vibrating chair.

Sophie loved her piano.

Cute little Sophie

Sophie loved to go on Grandpa & Grandma Gomez's house boat.

Sophie used to be very shy....I guess she still is, but has gotten getter. I had to stand at an arms reach away for her to take this picture w/ Micky.

Holy cow! In 10 years, see will be driving a real car....hopefully by then she will be able to keep her eyes on the road!

Pre-school picture Here is Sophie today. She loves school. In her Kindergarten class, they get homework on Friday's, and it's not due until the following Thursday. Sophie comes home on Friday, and sits right down to the table and finishes all of her homework. Sophie also loves to color and read books to baby Joel. Another thing she likes to do is play outside if Joseph is out there too. She is such a good sister to both of her brothers.
Happy 6th Birthday Sophie!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Making Progress

It's been just under two weeks, and our garden is making progress. Tomorrow @ 7:00am everyone is supposed to be at "The Townsend Ranch" so we can start planting. That's kind of early for me, I...I....I..mean Joel, that's kind of an early start for JOEL, 7am....we might show up fashionably late!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Let's Plant A Garden

He gets it from his dad....always pulling a face.

Here we have another silly face.

Sophie had so much fun planting her seeds.

Yesterday we started out "starter seeds" for our family garden. Now when I say family garden, I really mean FAMILY garden. The Ford Family, along with the Townsend, Gomez, Allen, and Balmer Family will be all planting a HUGE garden together. My mom lives on acres of land and so it will be at her house. Each family decided on what type of veggie they wanted in the garden, and is in charge of getting those "started" in little dixie cups. The weather was so nice yesterday, so we took full advantage. Joel was taking a nap, so it worked out wonderful. It was a nice ending to a very stressful week!