Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Time

We have no idea what is up with Joels' eye in this picture, but no he doesn't have a patch on, its a glare from somewhere. We have a very busy Christmas day, starting at our home to see what Santa got us, then off to Grandpa Franks for breakfast, then off Grandma and Grandpa Meyers to visit, then to Great Grandma Meyers to end the day. We love being with our family during this very special day. Joseph and Sophie ready for Church the day after

Every year the kids ring the bell outside of Raleys. They love it and Dustin has a good time too. They only get to do it for an hour, but would like to do it all night. They think its fun to see someone they know walk by and drop a little money in the kettle.
We had an amazing Christmas this year. One we will never ever forget. Yes Virginia, There is A Santa!!!