Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He's 9 Today!!

I can't believe that Joseph is 9 years old today. Joseph makes our family laugh everyday. Always dancing, telling funny jokes, and making silly faces. By this time next year, he may be the same height as mom. As of now mom has about 5inches on him, but by the way this guys eats, for sure he will pass me up by the time hes 11. Joseph is very caring, and is always wanting to please you. We love you sweet-pea, Happy Birthday. Always has a funny face to share.

Oh, hes just so cute. I think hes 5 in this picture.

Joseph at 6 months.

I can't believe how time flys by. The good old days, when we used to live in Mama's garage. Look at those skinny legs. This is Joseph a month old. He came one month early, but was a good 7lbs.

Monday, May 3, 2010

That Time Of Year Again!

Yep, its time to plant the huge garden over at the Townsend Ranch. Our family is helping out by adding these starts. In all we have 279....could of made it an even 280, but as you can see in this pic, little mr. Joely wanted to dump one out. Oh well, Im sure we have more than enough. We have: carrots, tomato, peas, watermelon, cantaloupe, crookneck yellow squash, regular green squash, eggplants, and cucumbers.