Friday, February 27, 2009

Joel Diamond Hits 6 Months

Joel loves his jumper!

Joel has taken after Daddy, and likes to make silly faces.

Joel says," Look guys...I got it, I got it, I'm sitting up by myself.

Here Joel is helping Daddy at the Rotary job today. Dustin is part of the Rotary Club, and this year they are building a snack bar at The Feather Riverbend Park, to go along with the new soccer fields that will be going in soon.
I can't believe Joel is already 6 months old. He weighs 19 lbs. 2oz. and is 25 1/4 inches long. It is just going by so fast. It seems like he is learning something new everyday. Like:
  • Rolling over. I don't know how he does it, but if his toy is on the other side of the living room, he will get to it. He's not crawling, but by rolling and pivoting all the way around...lets just say the new rule, no more leaving Joel on the couch or bed unattended.
  • Cutting Teeth. Likes to stick his tongue out so he can feel his new little tooth.
  • Likes his rice cereal. But still favors Mommy!
  • Sits up by himself. And is a pro at it if holding a toy.
  • Loves to go on walks with Mommy in the stroller, and usually ends up falling asleep.
  • Loves to have visitors. He will give you a welcoming smile, be Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt, and Friend, he just likes to smile.
  • When taking a bath, love to play with the water as it's filling the tub.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Joel's first baby tooth broke through on the 21st. My poor little baby Joel! He has looked pretty much like this for the last couple of days. We had no idea he was cutting his tooth. No clear runny nose, excessive drooling, or fever. I only thought to check because he kept putting his pointer finger in the same spot in his mouth all day. I felt, and there was baby tooth #1. He is growing up too fast for me! Funny how now once the tooth is up, we are extremely fussy! (I have no idea why his hair looks so red in these perhaps. In person his hair is more of a "dirty blond" color)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Pizza Man

We made homemade pizza a couple weeks ago. It was fun and as you can see entertaining. Dustin worked at Rico's Pizza before he went on his mission to New York City. I had no idea he could toss the pizza dough like that.

You can see he's having a good time.

And thank goodness that everything that went up, came back down. I think we might do pizza night at least once a month.