Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Play Date

Its that time of year again, and we are back at the park with our friends for the weekly play date. Last couple of weeks the weather has been hot, but it was really nice this morning. So if you are in the area, we meet at 9:00 at the park for about an hour or so. We would love to have you. My little Mr. Joely

The twins, Sophie, and Jaydn going down the slide all together

Joseph was "clean up" and cleared the slide of all the little kids.

Ella....cute as ever!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grandpa is 89 Today

Today is my Grandpa Sus's 89th birthday. I feel so blessed to be able to take care of him everyday. Joel and I head over in the morning and feed him his breakfast, and get him ready for his day. We take him downtown to do his errands, and the highlight of his week is when we take him to the casino on Tues, and Thurs. Growing up my Grandpa and Grandma were in Mexico alot taking people on tours, so as kids we really didn't see them too much. Now I get to spend every day with him, and hear many stories. The best yet.... when my grandpa was graduating from Oroville High School, his Senior class put the "O" on table mountain. I had no idea!! I think thats pretty cool, my grandpa help put the "O" up! Darn, I should of taken a picture of the "O" for those who don't live in Oroville.....maybe I will add it to the next post. Happy Birthday Grandpa, I love you!!