Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our friends Paul and Sarah had an adult Halloween Party. It was so much fun, good food, fun games, and my favorite....dancing!! Dustin was a New York Yankee baseball player, and I was....can you guess?

Me and my best bud Liz as a very good Pippy Longstocking.

We carved pumpkins the night before Halloween, this one is Sophies.

This one is Joels'

And Mr. Joseph did this one.

I loved how Joel wanted so hard to help carve. ( The hand holding the knife is the one with the graft....you can hardly see it....so cool!)

Sophie went as a clown

Joseph was going to be a rubics cube, but last minute had to be a magician

Joel as a lion. He hated the hood, so this was the best shot we could get.
We had a wonderful Halloween, and hope you did too.