Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trip To Idaho

For months my older brother Jesus, has been begging for me to go see him in Idaho. His youngest daughter was getting baptized, and he really wanted us there. I wanted to go, but with Dustin not having work, we knew there was no way we would be able to pull it off. Jesus and my mom got to talking, and she decided to rent a Suburban and take us with her. We were really excited. However Dustin did stay home just in case some work came up, he would be there to jump on it. The kids pretty much played outside the entire trip. At our house they cant play outside because of the road we live on. To ride their bikes we have to go to a park, so with my brother living in a nice quiet neighborhood, the I could just let them play and not worry. Here is Sophie on a scooter.....where you could find her all day.

They have this really neat path called the Greenbelt. We went almost everyday we were there. So beautiful. I would go early in the morning and run it. I only wish my running friend from Oroville was there with me. It was so nice. I would push Joel and Sophie and Joseph would ride the scooters.

Water ran along the path. So relaxing.

Joel had a fun time watching the ducks.

We took an entire loaf of bread and it was gone in about five minutes.

Joseph sat so still to see if the ducks would come close....they did!

The kids had a fun time playing outside in the back yard, another thing they aren't used to doing at our house.

Jesus and his family. Always someone pulling a face.....VICTORIA!!!!!!


Here is the whole gang. Now you may wonder why is Christina in the back row?? Well, when packing for the trip, I was obviously not thinking. I packed a dress I hadn't warn in about a month. If you live here in Oroville you may have noticed I have gained a few......25 lbs in the last month and a half. Soooooo, everyone was getting ready for the baptism, and I just started laughing/screaming. I couldn't get my dress on. I was to small. My family said, "just come out and let us see." I walked out and they all just look at comments.......just thinking......finally someone offers," do you have some type of sweater or jacket you can wear over your dress?" Ahhhhh! It was to late to go out and find something else. So when this picture was being taken, I was sure to hide as best as I could. Thanks mom and David for the trip and taking us with you. We had such a fun time!


Liz and Kevin said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun. I would have loved to run with you in Idaho too! Seems like we all need to move to Idaho were we can actually let the kids play without going to a Park.

Parley and Katie Call said...

What a cute family! I can't believe his YOUNGEST is already 8!

Gomez Family said...

We had a great time and with Christina and the cousins. We can't wait till they come again and bring Dustin along too.