Thursday, March 8, 2012


No pic with this post.
Dustin almost everyday takes the camera to work with him.
Fun news, Joel started Pre-School yesterday, and LOVED it!!
I stayed with him on the first day, but today I dropped him off and walked right out the door. His teacher said he did great.
I was so happy.
On the way home I asked him what he had for lunch.
All he said was," dark milk."
I started laughing and said," do you mean chocolate milk?"
Joely says," yes mama, chocolate milk.
But Mama, I don't like milk.
Mama, do we have chocolate milk at home?"
"I can make some."
Joel says, " no mama, I don't like the milk, just the chocolate....mama, can you take the milk out.
I will just have the chocolate."
I couldn't help but laugh.
He is such a good boy, I'm so glad I got him into preschool!


McOmberFam said...

Yay! That's so exciting!!