Friday, June 8, 2012

Crossing Over

  This new blogger set up has me so confused.  So these pictures are totally our of order.  We had our last cub scout pack meeting a few weeks ago, and Joseph along with my two other weblos, Cheenew and Montzerjay,  "crossed over" from cub scouts into boy scouts. 
 As the weblos  leader I got to say my good byes at the bridge.  Joseph got a hug from Mama.  If you know Joseph, he is always goofy and wanting to make you laugh.  So when he crossed over he stopped half way, waved to the crowd and said, " Good bye Cub Scouts, Hello Boy Scouts!"
 I guess Dustin and Joel got a little bored.  I found this on the camera in between pics of the meeting.  Silly boys.
                                       Joseph meeting the Boy Scout leader.


McOmberFam said...

So cool! Loved the pics! I can't believe he's 11! Are they going to keep you as the Weblos leader? If not, you can always commute down here for scouts to be ours. :-)